....and shit.

I love this picture of my wonderful fiance #truth #shesawesome

Don’t Fuck With Chili’s Parking
They’ll jalapeño pop a cap.



Scientists examine a 15-year-old girl who lived in the Inca Empire, then was sacrificed and remained frozen for 500 years….Unearthed in 1999 from the 22,000-foot summit of Mount Llullaillaco, a volcano 300 miles west of here near the Chilean border, their frozen bodies were among the best preserved mummies ever found, with internal organs intact, blood still present in the heart and lungs, and skin and facial features mostly unscathed. No special effort had been made to preserve them. The cold and the dry, thin air did all the work. They froze to death as they slept, and 500 years later still looked like sleeping children, not mummies.

 This is “the maiden” and she is extraordinary. After a CAT scan or two it was determined that she had tuberculosis. Do you know what this means?!?!? It means that tuberculosis was a preexisting condition and not initially brought over to the Americas by Europeans. WOW

For my Perubean. 
Very good #tacojohns #food
Someone’s tired. On a side note. So cute when you’re sleeping #truth
Got san Andreas on my phone. #awesome #fun waiting on my controller for it. #amazon #prime is the way to go
Four cheese Mac from #applebees so good. #food
So good. #thanksali
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